Coffee Time with Family

Family, Coffee, and Passion.

I like to think if you focus on your passion, then all task you do during your day help support the passion. This is how I view coffee, when I take the first sip of coffee for the day my family is right there beside me. I do not start my day without family and coffee. I can not think of a better time to discuss the previous day, work on the present, plan the future than when I am having morning coffee with my family. This is a shared bond that is part of the love that holds our family together, some say coffee is one of our family values. I just like to say that coffee is the catalyst for the wisdom to create those stronger values. We (as a family) have over come many , many of life's problems by just dedicating our morning coffee time to growing as a single, strong, valuable, family. This is the main reason that each task you do can be related to your passion. My family is my passion and drinking coffee has made that passion grow stronger everyday. So I can say that coffee is one of my major passions because it strengthens the main passion in my life. Thank you coffee, I create W.I.S.E. Family Coffee to try and help make a place for this catalyst in all your life's. If we can all grow as humans based around making the family bond ever stronger, than we can say that we our leaving a better place for our children.

If family is your passion and you enjoy coffee, please email us and let us know your story. We would love to hear about the community around these two loves. 

Thank you all for your support.

Wade Chriestenson


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