The Perfect French Press

What are the best techniques to make the Ultimate French Press?

As coffee enthusiast we all have experienced the French press in use or have heard a family member or loved one brag about how amazing it is. Those of us that use a French Press usually boast about how we have the best way to do it (It is human nature to say my way is best). I am guilty of this all the time. For example I was making to what I believed was the best press I have ever made, on the other side was my wife had other opinions of my technique. She loves my coffee, but she was tired of hearing me brag about how I had the best. She said to me "Why do you think you have the best French press technique?" I looked at here in shock, my jaw dropped and I was perplexed at the question. I then started to think about this in a deeper sense of knowledge. "Why do I think my way to make a French press is better than my neighbors?" So it began the quest to create the ultimate French press technique.

I dove into this challenge with full enthusiasm, I could find the best way to do anything, I have Google. Let me tell you friends I was sorely mistaking, It was worse than researching material for my college class  "Rhetoric and Research." By this time I was thinking to myself "Okay, I may not have the best, but if I do not research the best I can live with my technique." Well I tried for two day, but I can not give up and quit. So back to the quest I go, this time I was dedicated to the challenge.

I have come to understand Google a lot better now, some might say we have a love/hate relationship. I love the fact that we live in what I call "The age of information" we have the entire worlds knowledge at our finger tips. With this being said sorting through that information to find crucial facts about French Pressed coffee is insane. Thanks to Google and its algorithms true factual data and paid advertised data get mixed up. Unfortunately money talks, most of the  top three pages on any search results in google have paid money to get there, or use SEO(search engine optimizer) strategies to place their pages first. Having a business it is key to appear first in Google's ranking. Try doing research to help grow your knowledge with facts Google's Ranking make it extremely hard. 

What websites can I use to actually help with my research of coffee techniques?

Here are three good websites that have amazing detailed how-to's, yet they all have different variations on quantity, water temperature, and other small details. How am I suppose to know who has the best technique, in all the research that I did it gives varying results in the same process. So this was my process for a few weeks, research, try new technique, research try new techniques. I think at this point in the challenge of finding what the best French press brew techniques is, I had tried and drank one hundred plus good French Presses.

After about a month of research and development(I wanted to sound like this was an amazing new process) It was just me enjoying a ton of good coffee. I started to realize that there are hundreds of amazing coffee enthusiast that love sharing their knowledge of the craft. I then understood that it is not so much the technique we use, but the amount of passion and love we put into that technique. The final knowledge I gained from this challenge was the  everyone uses their own technique, because that to them is the best technique. Why is the the best? It is the best for the simple fact that they love and enjoy the final results. A wonderful cup of delicious coffee. It is the idea of you putting in the effort to create the best, then you will be rewarded with the best. After this was all said and done, I told my wife that "My way of making a French Pressed coffee was the best." She looked at me and said "How So?" I just simply said "Because the cups of coffee we drink together from this press has strengthened our relationship of the years." I have the best French Press Technique, because My wife and I have falling in love over the coffee that I have made in that press. Nothing can beat that amount of love, passion, and deliciousness. 


I did not put any actual techniques into this blog. I only created this to help coffee enthusiast and people who our new to the craft to understand that what we do is amazing. This blog is just a reminder that if we keep sharing our passion with the world we will continue creating this amazing culture based around our craft.

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